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Limited Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all vehicle window tinting services and specific guarantee on building window films 
This guarantee covers all material and labour. The guarantee is only as good as the sustainability of the company providing it.
Dapaa Tints was  incorporated in 1999 and has been trading for over 20 years. We are confident that we will be here to rectify any issues with your window tints. 
What It does Cover
Normally bubbles only occur at the time on tinting. Sometimes bubble can appear at a later date. If this was to ever happen we would remove and re-tint free of charge. 
Some tint can shrink over time. This means that it will say letting light in round the edges and you will be able to see a faint line round the outside of the window from inside the vehicle.
Cracking is not very common, however some inadequate films turns brittle over time. This is commonly found with lower quality tint film. However, this does not happen with the Saint-Gobain Solar Gard window tint film.
Our film will never fade. Whilst most films will stay the right colour for a long time, eventually it may lose some colour. 
Any other defect
We will cover any other defect of our tint films. Above is all the typical issues that can be found with window tinting, but should anything else occur we will rectify free of charge.
What It does not Cover
Whilst our window films have scratch resistant layers on the outside surface, the guarantee does NOT cover any accidental damage cause by you.